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31 Oct 2015

INSPIRED Press release

The renowned and leading independent music publishing company Peer Music will represent EXM’s new release – “Inspired”. The album features 12 Epic hybrid tracks composed by Amir Marcus and Stephan Fischer. The album was released officially on September 17th 2015.   The album has already gained exposure and the track “Tears of Heaven” featuring the incomparable vocals of Hollywood award winning Xbox game recording artist Aeralie Brighton (Ori and the blind forest – Best Xbox game for 2015) is nominated […]

11 Oct 2015

EXM has signed with PeerMusic.

  EXM announces its collaboration with PeerMusic As from September 1st 2015, PeerMusic will represent EXM’s artists for music licensing for film and television. “Inspired” (Original Soundtrack) by Amir Marcus & Stephan Fischer that contained 12 hybrid Epic tracks for film and TV will be the first full album release that will go under PeerMusic umbrella. We are very thrilled to be a part of Peer’s family; it’s an incredible home of some of the major writers, composers and producers that were responsible […]

24 Aug 2015

Tears Of Heaven – Hollywood music awards 2015

  We are thrilled to announce our Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination for our recent release “Tears of Heaven” featuring the incomparable vocals of Hollywood recording artist Aeralie Brighton. We have worked incredibly hard and feel deeply humbled by the support of all who nominated us. The Hollywood Music in Media Award Ceremony will take place at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood on November 11, 2015. “Tears of Heaven” is a captivating and uplifting collaboration between EXM’s very own […]

23 May 2015
Inspired By Amir Marcus & Stephan Fischer

EXM Presents – Inspired

After a long year of anticipation it arrived, 12 Epic hybrid symphonic tracks. By Amir Marcus & Stephan Fischer. Album will soon be available online. Stay Tuned!