Our Services Includes:

  • Trailers music production
  • Soundtracks for Games
  • Films and Commercials
  • Custom Music Construction Kits
  • Music Licensing
  • Music / Sound Consultancy and Advisory Services
  • Songs writing / composing
  • Orchestrating and mock-up services

EXM Productions’ Competitive Edge:

EXM Productions is aware of the highly competitive nature of the worldwide music production industry.
This is why we seek out and hire the best music development staff and creative artists available.

EXM Productions is not a new player in the music industry; the principals entered the music business with core professionals, producing highly refined music with an outstanding reputation with BMG, Peer Music, Vtown Cartel, Colossal Music and with more growing projects from gaming companies from the European and Asian markets.

EXM Productions truly focuses on its core services, trailers and soundtracks, not as extra service or “another thing we do.” This is our main occupation … We are specializing in this kind of production and know our craft very well. In-house mixing and mastering are accomplished so clients do not need to send our product to others, for finishing.
This offers a bundled package and a considerable saving of time and money.

Our Advantages:

~ Flexible pricing packages.


~ Fast turnaround through operational effectiveness – EXM Productions works really fast,
   to provide a fully executed production in half of the time of other producers.


~ Clients like working with the EXM Productions family due to the presentation of new, fresh and dynamic ideas, a small company with a big impact.


~ Information advantage by always seeking more knowledge to develop the sound product to meet market needs.



We believe client needs are variable and need to be customized

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