INSPIRED Press release

The renowned and leading independent music publishing company Peer Music will represent EXM’s new release – “Inspired”. The album features 12 Epic hybrid tracks composed by Amir Marcus and Stephan Fischer. The album was released officially on September 17th 2015.


The album has already gained exposure and the track “Tears of Heaven” featuring the incomparable vocals of Hollywood award winning Xbox game recording artist Aeralie Brighton (Ori and the blind forest – Best Xbox game for 2015) is nominated in the Hollywood music in media awards 2015 in the best New Age / Ambient category. The Ceremony will take place at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood on November 11, 2015,

Amir Marcus and Stephan Fischer have delivered ample of promising tracks in the past that were featured in many TV series like: CSI, UFC, Arrow, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Big Bang Theory and more.  “Inspired” is their first full length album dedicated to Epic / Film music lovers.

We are very thrilled to be a part of Peer’s family; it’s an incredible home of some of the major writers, composers and producers that were responsible for major hits both in the mainstream and film like Pitch perfect II, The Minions, Guardians of the galaxy, Get Hard, Dragon Age (Xbox/Playstation), Assassins Creed (Xbox/Playstation) and more. It’s a great opportunity for us to grow and to be a part of Peer’s successful team. We have worked for about 8 months on “Inspired” and we feel that now we can maximize the full potential of the album – Marcus & Fischer.

PeerMusic was founded over 85 years ago (1928) by renowned visionary Ralph S. Peer, and is the largest independent music publisher in the world, with 32 offices in 28 countries and over a quarter of a million copyrights. It’s worth seeing that this new album ‘inspired’, inspires its listeners! But what can’t be denied are the reviews:

Inon Zur (Fallout , Thor, Dragon Dogma, Dragon Age I / II, Crysis, Lords Of the Rings War in the north)
“Amir and Stephan delivering powerful and memorable tracks in this album. The dramatic and emotional elements are very well enhanced. No doubt that this music can easily be placed on the triple A trailers outlet”.

Winifred Phillips (Assassin creed III, Little big planet, Shrek the third) “I was very pleased to listen to “INSPIRED” Wow! These tracks, beautifully setting the stage for a slow and inexorable build in drama and intensity. Each track is more dramatic than the next, excellent work.

Aeone Watson (300, Jurassic World, The Hobbit, The Long Walk Home, The Last Samurai, Tomb Raider) my goodness, how inspiring it is! Just some amazing music, I loved the combinations of sounds you’re using against the EPIC sounding drums and orchestral elements, really made it sound different and it’s very own unique ‘sound’. You guys have a great sense of melody and also drama – I’m very familiar with a lot of the Epic kind of music out there as I work a great deal in movies trailers so I really appreciated the balance you’d got in all of this – kept it really musical and interesting sonically, whilst still retaining some tension and drama – also it is ‘super’ cinematic too. I pretty much loved all of it… The piano piece at the end is simply beautiful! Congratulations – I’m a FAN!”



“Inspired” is available on



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