Crystal Lake


Crystal Lake (Alex Moerman & Paul Gorbulski) was founded in Friday 13th 1999, since then Alex & Paul were busy breaking their own personal records, always aiming higher & higher towards their ultimate goal – Becoming one of the most influential dance music acts in the world. Over the years Crystal Lake had numerous amounts of live shows, dozens of top chart positions, over 5 Million views on YouTube, their own radio show (Crystal Nation) broadcast worldwide and regularly featured on compilations such as Dream Dance (Sony), VIVA Club Rotation (Ministry Of Sound) & Future Trance (Universal).


Tell us about yourselves. How many years have you been in the music industry, how did you get started?

Alex: At the beginning each had his own path and style, Paul was into Happy Hardcore & I was into Uplifting Trance. But since we were best friends, we used to help each other out and filled the gaps for each other.
For example Paul is a much better musician then me, but he lacks the technical and mixing skills that I have. Therefore after a while it was just natural for us to join forces and created Crystal Lake.

Paul: We’ve been messing around with music since 1999, our first track was released on Tranzworld 6 – which is the official compilation of the legendary “Webster Hall” club (NYC).

What are your non-music hobbies?

Paul: I’m into Surfing and horror flicks

Alex: I love sports like Table Tennis, Working out and Soccer

Is there any favorite track that you most enjoyed creating?

Our latest single “Dear God” was something special for us because we decided to add Hardstyle elements to the track. Therefore it was very challenging and at the same time interesting to produce and write.
Also we had the amazing vocals by Beth which made us push our limits even further.

Is there any musician or vocal artist that you would like to work with in the near future?

We are both suckers for Scooter, so that would be amazing to co-operate with them.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Hopefully everywhere!

We would love to tour the world, see places, meet people and play at the biggest parties and events in the world.

Is there a place that you guys played that was most special or a place that you would like to play in the near future?

We really enjoyed playing in “Turbinenhalle” on our last tour in Germany. In the future would love to tour & play for the American crowds!

Who are your inspirations?

Too many to count but to name a few: Dune, Scooter, Avicii, Headhunterz, Manian, Cascada, Nirvana.

Are you currently collaborating with any other artists?

Sure! We just finished a single together with the Ukraine pop band “Mirami” and before that we had a single with the Danish rock band “A Friend In London” (Eurovision 2011).
There are also future collaborations which are in progress but we can’t talk about them yet.

On Average, how much time do you usually spend in the studio for each track?

It really depends on the workflow, but we did notice that the more experience we get, the more time it takes us to finish a track because each time we pay more and more attention to details.
Right now it usually takes about 3-5 weeks of instance work.

What do you like more, to perform or to create music?

Both are great! We love seeing the crowd go crazy to our music and at the same time it’s amazing finishing a new song and releasing it to the world.

Our last question is about Marketing. We believe in sharing our ideas with other artists that it can help them to discover new ways of marketing themselves. What marketing advice can you share for artists to best impact the music industry?

Try to look at yourself as a product that has to sell itself. You need to look attractive, shocking and interesting in order to attract new customers, and self innovating to keep the current ones happy.
And of course don’t forget to back this up with high quality music!

Contact Crystal lake:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crystallake.music

Official Website: www.c-lake.com


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